Andy Reid: Eagles Getting Offers for McNabb

Plus, Oprah's suit is settled, Bill Green gets tough on spending, and more in a special "Big F---ing Deal" edition of the Daily Scoop

“Big F—-ing Deal?” Big F—-ing Deal. On the list of Biden gaffes, it pales next to his Indian-7-11 slur, his swine flu gaffe, and of course telling a paraplegic to “stand up, let the people see you.” More unforgettable Biden moments here. []

O? No. Her defamation case settles, so Oprah won’t be coming to town after all. Maybe Rosie could fill in for her? [Inquirer,,]

Flash Mob Video. Action News offers up new video of Saturday’s flash mob. Scary stuff. []

Is Bill Green Getting Tough About Slashing Spending? The councilman is grilling city officials about even the smallest line items. Good job, Bill. []

Pa. House Passes A Budget — 100 Days Early! But don’t get too excited, it will never fly in the Senate. [Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Daily News]

Judge to Lenny Dykstra: No Money For You! He strikes down Nails’ bid for insurance money the bankrupt (or not) ex-Phil clearly didn’t deserve. []

Reid: Eagles Getting Offers for McNabb. So says Ashley Fox of the Inquirer, who also notes the Birds appear to have lowered their asking price for Donovan. [Inquirer]