Treat Yourself: Springtime Spa Deals

Whether you want a mini-vacay, a long time away, or a quick local pick-me-up, travel editor Christine Speer has rounded up ten great spots that’ll make you feel amazing — and your skin look even better

Recently, while enjoying my warm-oil seashell massage in a peaceful Anguillan resort spa (details on that heavenly trip in a moment, Healthy Lifers), I had a thought: I could never — no matter how hard I tried — relax this much on my own. So in support of that level of well-being — and of glowing skin you can show off in the warming weather that doesn’t require a second in one of those awful cancer beds — I’ve rounded up a few spa packages you might consider for your next little escape, even if it’s just an escape for the afternoon. Because a little indulgence of that sort does a soul worlds of good.