Spring Travel 2010: Movie-Inspired Trips From Philadelphia: The Great Escapes

Both movies and travel have the power to transport us away from it all, and right now, who doesn’t need to duck out of the day-to-day? So just in time for the Oscars (March 7th!), we’ve taken inspiration from seven film favorites and planned seven fabulous trips — to destinations near and far — to help you sidestep reality. Popcorn optional

A Wildlife Trek: If you liked Out of Africa, you’ll love a trip to … Botswana

A Dazzling Diversion: If you liked Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you’ll love a trip to … New York City 

 A Tropical Adventure: If you liked Pirates of the Caribbean, you’ll love a trip to … Virgin Gorda

A Southern Sojourn: If you liked Nashville, you’ll love a trip to … Nashville

A Smart Holiday: If you liked Good Will Hunting, you’ll love a trip to … Boston

A Natural Escape: If you liked A River Runs Through It, you’ll love a trip to … Bedford, PA

A Hop Across The Pond: If you liked Notting Hill, you’ll love a trip to … London