Philadelphia Salaries 2010: The Other Green Issue

Who’s earning what, and where you should be working

WE’LL BE HONEST. After these many recessed, downturned, deflated and otherwise depressing months, we weren’t exactly looking forward to finding out how much — or how little — Philadelphians are earning these days. But we dared to research. And what we found might surprise you. (It certainly surprised us.) Not only have some of our biggest industries been spared, but many are actually growing. And not everyone the economy knocked down stayed out. Read on for inspiring stories of lost jobs turned inventive careers, for fields you’ll want to enter next — and, just for fun, for a glimpse at what your neighbors are making. Go ahead. Take a peek.

Grace Wicks: Urban gardener and owner, Graceful Gardens
“This is only my second year, but my business — especially our edible landscaping — has developed quite a bit. Last year I had enough to pay myself a living wage and reinvest for next year.”

[sidebar]Carlos RuÍz: Phillies catcher
Note to Ruben Amaro: Chooch’s .491 OBP (Utley’s was .424) in the post-season means it’s time to give Señor Octubre a much bigger-league salary.

Michael Nutter:
Mayor of Philadelphia
In the midst of the city’s budget woes, the Mayor took one for the team last year, giving himself a 10 percent pay cut ($18,604).

Kayla Fell: Yoga instructor
“There is no room for ego or income on the mat. I teach CEOs, housewives, baristas, and we are all seeking the same thing: renewed peace, joy and awareness off the mat.”

Robert Toll: CEO, Toll Brothers Inc.
$8.8 million
In our 2006 salaries survey, we put Toll’s earnings at $26.6 million. Ouch. Still, we’d take it.

Bill Green: Councilman at large, City of Philadelphia
$117,990 (In 2009, gave his five percent cost of living increase — $5,758 — to Friends of the Free Library); moonlighting as a lawyer at Kutak Rock LLP: $175,000

W. Wilson Goode: Jr.Councilman at large, City of Philadelphia
$117,990 (In 2009, only City Council member who did not give back any salary)

Anthony Radwanski:
Communications director, Philadelphia City Council $96,000

Vincent J. Fenerty Jr.: Executive director, Philadelphia Parking Authority $183,000

Bill collector: $33,489

Police Officer I: City of Philadelphia: $42,813-$55,603

Public health inspector:
City of Philadelphia: $35,879

Firefighter: City of Philadelphia: $40,000

Electrician II: City of Philadelphia: $37,000+

Joseph Neubauer: CEO, Aramark: $3.2 million

Human resources manager:

Customer service representative: $11.50/hour

Corporate recruiter: $48,000

Executive assistant: $50,000

Bank branch manager: $41,500

Tax Associate Big 4 accounting firm: $55,000

Senior Biostatistician:

Business system analyst: $70,000

Chase Utley:
Phillies second baseman: $11.3 million

Ray Emery: Flyers goalie: $1.5 million

Brian Westbrook: Eagles running back: $4 million

DeSean Jackson: Eagles wide-receiver, including bonus: $783,615

Eagles cheerleader: $400-$1,000/mo.

Arlene Ackerman: CEO, School District of Philadelphia: $325,000

Michael Masch:
Chief business officer, School District of Philadelphia: $220,000

First-year teacher Bachelor’s degree, School District of Philadelphia: $42,756