Philadelphia Salaries 2010: The Other Green Issue

Who’s earning what, and where you should be working

Susan Barnett: News anchor, CBS 3: $325,000+*

Monica Malpass: News anchor, ABC 6: $400,000*

Vai Sikahema: Sports director/anchor, NBC 10: $325,000+*

John Bolaris: Meteorologist, Fox 29: $150,000*

Airline captain: US Airways: $70,000-$140,000

First officer: Co-pilot, US Airways: $37,000-$100,000

Pilot: US Airways, average: $80,000

Flight attendant: US Airways: $22,000-$40,000

Golf instructor: Year-round: $105,000+

Golf instructor: Northeast season only: $30,000-$35,000

Personal trainer: Center City gym: $49,000

Personal organizer: $70,000

Interior designer: High-end: $345,000

Laurentius Salon: owner and freelance stylist: $150,000

Kim Gider: Owner/aesthetician, Better Health Tanning and Nail Spa, Conshohocken: $1,000-$3,000/week + tips

Nail technician: Bernard’s Salon, Cherry Hill, including tips: $45,000-$50,000

Nail technician: Average nail shop: $250-$350/week + tips

Valet: Center City hospital: $7.25/hour + tips

Douglas R. Conant: CEO, Campbell Soup Company: $13.1 million

Waitress: Full-time, swanky Stephen Starr steakhouse: $45,968/year (down from $60,096 last year)

Wit or Witout steak shop employee: $8/hour

Starbucks barista: Center City, including tips: $12/hour La Colombe barista: Rittenhouse, including tips: $20.38/hour

Banjo instructor: Private lessons: $35/hour

Farmworker: $8-$12/hour

Farmer: Headhouse Square Farmers’ Market: $25,000 + all-you-can-eat produce (a $10,000 value)

Charles P. Pizzi: CEO, Tasty Baking Company: $1.1 million

Fishing captain: Cape May: $150,000

Glen T. Senk: CEO, Urban Outfitters, Inc.: $3.16 million

Assistant designer: Urban Outfitters: $30,000-$35,000

Hand model: $150/30-minute shoot

Swimsuit model: $125/hour

Boot camp instructor: $35/class

Dog walker: $10/30 minutes

Surrogate mother: $26,000+

Sperm donor: $150/specimen

Nanny: Full-time, suburbs: $15-$20/hour

Babysitter: Suburbs: $12-$15/hour