Legends: The Mad Man’s Next Act

He used shock ads (Charles Manson, anyone?) and a punk attitude to flip the city’s advertising community on its ear. So why is Steven Grasse now trying to return Philly to the days of the powdered wig?

“I really respect my dad,” he says. “He had a printing company. He had a craft. I’m not saying that advertising wasn’t that. It was. But I always get annoyed in the advertising business. It’s like making movies — there’s so many people making decisions. It’s never pure. It’s interesting, because the things that I’ve done that are completely from scratch and are pure are always successful.”

If Steven Grasse, the Mad Man who gave us serial killers and Bikini Bandits, tattoos and grunge, can turn around and successfully sell us authenticity and purity, perhaps we’ll just have to raise a toast. Anyone for a glass of Snap?