Pulse: Chatter: The Happiness Diaries

One man’s quest for contentment

Day 1:
Take Authentic Happiness Index test. Score 72 out of possible 100. Thought I was happy, but knowing I could score 28 points higher causes competitive juices to kick in—and makes me unhappier than I apparently already was.

 Day 2:
Take Positivity Test, designed to measure positive vs. negative emotions in past 24 hours. A 3:1 ratio is ideal; I score 1.5:1. Co-worker’s comment about my grumpiness starting to make sense (even though she’s an idiot).

Day 3:
Write down Three Good Things. Feels slightly goofy, but four minutes of thinking positive thoughts at end of day is surprisingly calming.

Day 4:
Do What Door Opened? exercise, designed to help you see silver linings in past adversities. Two-year-old annoyance at another co-worker (also kind of an idiot) slightly lessened.

Day 5:
Retake Authentic Happiness Index. Score 78 out of 100. Slight improvement, but won’t be satisfied until I’m 100 percent happy, dammit.