SNEAK PEEK: Our Spring/Summer 2010 Issue!

Our gorgeous information- and resource-packed Spring/Summer issue is finally out and on the stands. Check out the highlights

It’s here! It’s finally here!
Well, maybe you aren’t saying finally — you may have just gotten engaged, after all. But we are, only because we put so much time into each and every issue trying to make it the best yet for you, our betrothed reader. This issue is filled with ideas, inspiration and advice for your warm-weather wedding, and we hope you’ll use it as a guide throughout the planning process. If there’s something you’ve got a question on, we’d love to hear from you. Just drop me a line at Here’s a little peek of what we’ve got in store …

SPRING & SUMMER TRENDS: For your entire wedding aesthetic — from your gown and accessories to what you’ll wear, ahem, that evening — here are some of our most favorite trends for spring and summer weddings … Garden Party, Rustic Charm, Seaside Soiree, and Preppy Chic (for the guys!).

THE KIDDIE CONUNDRUM: We’re here to help you figure out whether or not you want to have kids — at your wedding — and what to do once you’ve decided. (Psst: There are issues to deal with either way!)

BREATHTAKING FASHION: We took the wispy, dreamy, gasp-inducing dresses of the spring and summer seasons (all available at a salon near you, of course), and shot them on the lovely beaches of Avalon, New Jersey. Whether you’re planning a beachy wedding or not, we think you’ll be inspired.

BON VOYAGE: We report from three romantic escapes, each of them with a different type of honeymoon in mind: We’ve got outdoorsy in Vermont, lazy in tropical Mexico, and a far-flung European adventure.