ASK THE EXPERT: Keeping the Crashers at Bay

Our expert at the Bellevue knows how to nip this problem in the bud ...

Question: I was recently at a wedding where there were crashers! Mine is at a downtown hotel, where I feel like there will be lots of people around. How can I make sure that doesn’t happen at mine?

Answer: Don’t fear — just trust the seasoned professionals you’ve surrounded yourself with on your Big Day. “Experienced banquet captains and servers are savvy enough to recognize guests who may not be a part of an event by their demeanor or the way they are dressed — especially if it is black tie,” says Lisa McGraw, senior catering sales manager at the Park Hyatt Bellevue Philadelphia. Though she admits it’s just a little bit trickier when the uninvited guests dress the part, don’t feel uncomfortable if there’s someone you suspect to be a crasher. “Inform the maitre’d of your concerns,” she says, “and he or she will discreetly engage them in conversation, determine that they are imposters, and ask them, nicely, to leave.” That way, you can keep your cool and handle the situation without a meltdown — or hopefully, not even have to handle it at all. “No one wants a scene at such a joyful occasion,” says McGraw. “A professional staff will always ensure only your closest friends and family share in your wedding day.”