Fashion Editor Carrie Denny wants to wrap up in a long, cozy sweater

Sometimes it seems like one trend begets another—and I know that for me, many, many, many times, one purchase begets another.

Case in point: this season’s legging trend. To me, it’s even stronger than it’s been the last few seasons, because not only are people wearing these left and right—they’ve also morphed into sleek, form-hugging skinny pants. And I think that’s a good thing. Gives us older-than-college ladies a way to get the same look, with more substantial fabrics, dressier cuts, and a more polished silhouette. And I’ve found my choice in J. Crew’s Pixie pant.

But here’s the thing: To wear these as much as I’d like (they’re ridiculously comfy and surprisingly warm), I now need a host of top options that cover my butt. Because, well, I’m not not covering my butt in pants like those. And since I’m always (100 percent of the time, 24/7, without fail) cold, I’m looking for a few versatile long sweaters to get me through the season. A few of these, my new pants, warm socks and my tall, flat boots, and I think I’ve got my cold-weather uniform.

Here’s what I’m browsing.