OUR NEW ISSUE: Sneak Peek!

Our gorgeous, information- and resource-packed Fall/Winter issue hits stands today

Sorry if we seem overly excited — but it’s not just that we spend so long putting each issue together, or because they come out just twice a year, each one is so special. It’s that we love, love this issue. It’s beautiful, it’s helpful, its got a bajillion local resources for ideas, inspiration and advice, and we just know you’re going to love it. Which is why we feel the need to give you a little sneak peek right now:

FALL & WINTER TRENDS: For your entire wedding aesthetic — from your gown and accessories to what you’ll wear, ahem, that evening — here are some of our most favorite trends for fall and winter weddings.

All That Glitters
Grayed A

Natural Beauty

CONTRACTS 101: We’ll tell you how to make absolute sure you and your vendor are on the same page — literally — when it comes to the specific details of your wedding.

BREATHTAKING FASHION: We shot some of the dreamiest wedding gowns of the season — with sparkly embellishment, luxe fabrics and strong silhouettes — in one of the prettiest venues around.

BON VOYAGE: We report from three romantic, tropical escapes — including Mustique, which just might be the Caribbean’s best-kept secret.