Wedding: Honeymoon: Destination: Mustique

The elite Caribbean hideaway redefines exclusivity

So you’re asking: “What’s Mustique?” Short answer: It’s the Caribbean’s best-kept secret. Mustique is a private, unspoiled three-mile-long island near St. Vincent, purchased in 1958 by British royalty and run today by shareholders. It’s the sort of high-life escape at which you can rent your own open-air villa, complete with staff and personal chef. It plays host to super-celebs (Prince William, Mick Jagger) who, here, can elude the paparazzi, plus an international upper-crust but fun-loving crowd. There are postcard-perfect beaches and 71 villas built by ultra-wealthy owners looking to create their dream homes away from home. Recession-friendly it may not be, but you only get one of these just-married trips: Discovering Mustique means conga-line free romantic seclusion, near-guilt-inducing pampering, laid-back luxury, and, most importantly, the lavish, far-flung honeymoon no one else on the block has.

BY DAY: You could pass weeks in Mustique just sleeping late, lounging in your private infinity pool and living in your bathing suit, while your personal staff prepares meals, does your laundry, and caters to your every whim, allowing the two of you to conserve your energy for, ahem, being newlyweds. And there are always Mustique’s world-renowned Atlantic and Caribbean beaches (try Macaroni Beach for waves, Lagoon for calm waters), the spa, horseback riding, bird-
watching, tennis, sailing, water sports, and day trips to nearby islands like St. Vincent, Canouan and Bequia. To explore the island and gawk at Tommy Hilfiger’s villa, hop aboard your provided mule (think pumped-up golf cart; you’ll need to purchase a $20 license at the airport) and keep an eye out for crossing tortoises. For signs of civilization, head to the harbor to see the boats dock, to people-watch, and to peruse the few shops.

BY NIGHT: Basil’s Bar — known throughout the Caribbean for the past 30 years — is Mustique’s unequivocal nightlife spot (and, well, really the only nightlife spot on this quiet isle), especially on live-music “Jump Up” Wednesdays. The Cotton House, Mustique’s only resort, hosts an island-wide cocktail party on Tuesday nights in the Great Room, where you can dress up, eat hors d’oeuvres, and mingle with guests from around the globe. Each week, it also hosts an outdoor movie night, wine tastings, and a sunset cruise. The bar at Firefly, a five-bedroom guesthouse, offers stunning sunset views and is the perfect place to let afternoon slip into night over a tropical drink.