Taste: Spirits: On Tap: Organic Beer

As with everything else organic, fans of all-natural beer argue that it’s not just a
matter of superior ingredients; both the environment and the drinker avoid ­chemical-laden ­fertilizers, and thus also reap the benefits. For a brew to earn a shiny green stamp decreeing it certified organic, the government says 95 percent of its ingredients must be organic. Despite that stringent rule, more and more beer-makers are putting out wholesome drafts, and they’re tasting better. In Philly, taps now flow with natural brews like Appalachian Brewing Co.’s Trail Blaze Organic Brown Ale and Peak Organic’s flavorful IPA and seasonal Pomegranate Wheat Ale, and not just at the usual hipster havens. In Fort Washington, find Peak Organic at Alison Two, and in West Chester, at soothing Simon Pearce.