Home editor Lauren McCutcheon tells us how to make sure our picnic dishes don’t end up in a landfill

Remember those flimsy, ripple-edged paper plates that used to be de rigueur at backyard cookouts (or picnics in the park, or lunch on the beach)? Well, they’ve experienced a très chic — and, even better, très, très eco-chic — reincarnation in One Hundred 80 Degrees’ lightweight melamine. This new classic is way sturdier than the original (dishwasher safe, even), and even has coordinating faux-Solo cups that are perfect for another summertime tradition: warm beer … We’ll definitely be picking some up for our summertime celebrations. Four plates for $16 and four cups (in clear or white) for $12.50, at Foster’s Homeware, 399 Market Street, 215-925-0950,