Taste: Dinner With … Brooke Higgins

Chef and co-owner, the Northeast’s Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse

Your Fourth of July cooking: We go to my mom’s down the Shore, and they won’t let us cook. We show up and they feed us. Food you eat when not BBQ: I do lots of vegetables, since when I’m in the restaurant, I’m eating tons of meat. Number of Wet-Naps you go through each month: We don’t give them out — only when people ask. Most people just wash in the bathroom. Thoughts on the man-as-griller stereotype: It’s the best way to get a guy to cook. The raw meat and the fire … it’s some kind of hunter thing. Amount that business is affected during Lent: We were down 30 percent. We went through about 50 pounds of smoked salmon each Friday. What you gave up for Lent: I’m Jewish. So what about the pork? Love it. I’m not kosher. Biggest mistake home grillers make: They don’t use enough salt. When we go out, I’m salting everything. Concerns about blood pressure as a result of apparent salt addiction: I’ve always had low blood pressure, so it probably balances me out. Although my cholesterol might not be so good.