Politics: A No-Lynne Situation

Feuds! Money! Endorsements! The race to replace D.A. Lynne Abraham is about everything but putting criminals behind bars

Early polls showed Williams out in front, working his name recognition from the ’05 contest and pushing a progressive agenda centered on assigning assistant D.A.’s to police districts and intervening early to turn offenders around. “I’m not running just because I want to have a driver in a Crown Vic pick me up in the morning,” he says. “I can do without that — I have a TransPass.”
A good talking point. But if history is any guide, this election will be decided on other factors, ones that have absolutely nothing to do with which prosecutor is in which courtroom, or whether a victim gets promised a voucher for parking. Instead, the race for district attorney will pivot on who can blitz TV with the most ads during Action News and how the political winds blow in mid-May. And perhaps just whom city voters can picture under that fedora. Of who is, in fact, the real McCoy.