Pulse: Broke Folks: Cheap Is The New Black

So you’ve been feeling the pinch of the downturn … at least you’re in good company. Here’s how Philadelphia is cutting back.

“I’m buying less plastic and more biodegradable goods — spending more wisely in ways that foster sustainability.”  — Sister Mary Scullion, Project H.O.M.E.
“I told my wife way back in September: No more luxury spending. Now we’re down to buying everything at Anthropologie, where we get a 40 percent
friends-and-family discount.” — Cary Borish, Marathon Grill
“I’m not a kid, and I’m never gonna whine about what I make, but I’m certainly cognizant of the old economy going sour. I’m eating out less, but then, I’m also on a diet for the marathon.”  — Arthur Makadon, attorney
“I live a relatively spartan lifestyle already.” — John Street, former mayor
“We’re taking less-extravagant vacations. Like instead of a luxury trip this past Christmas, we took a family trip to Ottawa with my son’s hockey team.”  — Peter Breslow, publicist
“My manicures and pedicures are only every four or five weeks now. Plus, we try to buy from local proprietors … except for Target. Some places we just can’t live without.”  — Hilary Jay, executive director, Design Center
“The only thing I’m cutting back on is reading depressing things about the economy. It’s not pinching me yet.”  — Fergus Carey, Fergie’s Pub