My Buys: Dana Bank

Hi, everyone!

I would like to introduce to you something new we’ll be doing on the Web. It’s called "My Buys," and it’s for all of you out there who wish you could be a fly on the wall when the owners of your favorite stores go shopping — because you just know they probably find the best stuff. Well, just call us your flies: Each week, we’ll call up a fabulous boutique owner from the city or ‘burbs (and we’re talking any fabulous boutique — fashion, home, accessories, kids’, men’s, you name it), and ask them to spill about the last thing they bought that they just can’t get enough of, whether it’s a pair of shoes or a luxe candle or the best mascara they’ve ever tried or a new organic laundry detergent that makes their clothes smell heavenly. We hope you enjoy snooping vicariously through us (and psst: if you’ve got someone you want us to investigate, email me at

— Carrie Denny

WHO: Dana Bank

OWNS: Town Home



WHY I’M OBSESSED: I’m all about bracelets these days — the more, the better! I like to buy lots of different styles and mix and match them to create a collection. The Chan Luu wrap bracelets are my new favorite — they come in all color leathers and stones or beads, and it was so difficult to pick just one that I ended up buying a few. They are perfect for layering with all sorts of other bracelets — I like to pair them with my Me&Ro bracelets (which I sell in my own store). I bought black leather with silver beads, brown leather with rose-gold beads and brown leather with multi-colored stones … love, love, love them all! — Allison Stadd