Taste: Spirits: What to Drink: January

Several wines you can pair with vegetables, sushi and chocolates.

With: The all-veg offerings at BYOB Blue Sage.
Drink: A soft red like Pio Cesare dolcetto d’Alba ($18.99), which packs a tasty punch without overwhelming legumes and greens. Vibrant in color, this easy-drinking Piedmontese style is dry and stylish, not heavy or tannic.
With: BYOB Sagami’s expertly cut sushi.
Drink: When it comes to sushi, white wines rule — especially those that are bright and refreshing, lightweight and dry. Try snappy and tart Pacific Rim dry riesling ($11.99), loaded with aromas of Granny Smith apples and jasmine tea.
With: Chocolates from Teuscher.
Drink: No wine is as agreeable with chocolate as lusciously sweet port, dense with ripe black-cherry flavor spiked with the fiery scents of spices, cocoa and brandy. Dow’s late-bottled vintage port ($23.99) is strong, sweet, and a perfect match for a champagne truffle.