What to Drink Tonight: Errazuriz Sauvignon Blanc “Single Vineyard” 2007

Chile may be better known for its robust reds, but the cool, coastal Chilean vineyards shine in the realm of white wines, too. With exceptional sunshine and enviable weather during the growing season, Chile’s valleys ripen wine grapes to perfection. This is of particular importance with sauvignon blanc. When sauvignon blanc isn’t fully ripe, it can taste more of herbs and vegetables than fruit. But, in sun-drenched places like Chile’s Aconcagua and Casablanca Valleys, it acquires a vibrant tropical fruit and citrus character that is a pure delight. Packed with luscious flavors of passion fruit and melon, tangerine and Meyer lemon, this wine ($14.99) is ideal for seafood, like fried calamari, or fresh salads, like a classic Caesar.