The Philadelphia Century

When this magazine came into being in 1908, who could have predicted that masses of Philadelphians would perish in a flu epidemic? Or that a machine invented in West Philly would revolutionize the world? Or that our historic city would in time be symbolized by … a sandwich? As a birthday present to ourselves, we present our ranking of the 100 moments in the past 100 years that have made us, moved us, shamed us and shaped us. They are nothing less than the story of how we became who we are.

Click here for moments 100 (Kevin Bacon connects) to 76 (Marian Anderson sings)

Click here for moments 75 (Bookbinder’s sold) to 51 (Comcast’s green age) 

Click here for moments 50 (Flyers win) to 26 (Larry Kane on Action News) 

Click here for moments 25 (Class-action suits pioneered) to 11 (Le Bec Fin opens)

Click here for the top 10 moments

Research by Jenna Bergen, Carrie Denny, Emily Gagne, Timothy Haas, Sandy Hingston, Robert Huber, Sam Katz, Lauren McCutcheon, Tom McGrath, Jane Morley, Ashley Primis, Jessica Remo, Richard Rys, Bridget Salmons, Roxanne Patel Shepelavy, Christine Speer, Steve Volk, April White, Janine White and Valerie Yeager

Photography Research by Courtney Apple, Jessica Vermeer Hawkes,
Michael McCormick, Shayna Puchowitz, Sarah Quick and Zoey Sless-Kitain