Web Original: Style Report: KOP and Nordstrom Have Some Out-of-the-Box Events; Philly Gets a Mole; Smak Goes Domestic

Smak Parlour, that pink shrine to pretty-punk, where most goods are designed by the owners Katie and Abby, has added an adorable home section to the back of their store. Affordable goods like frames, serving trays and black-lace plastic placemats.

King of Prussia is having a creative contest running for the next month: Put together an outfit purchased entirely at the mall, upload your look onto their website and pray for votes. The top 20 finalists (half female, half male) will strut their stuff at a live fashion show judged by Inky fashion columnsist Elizabeth Wellington for a chance to win a $500, $1000 or $1500 King of Prussia gift card. I checked out the site, trust me, Tim Gunns-in-the-making, there is room for improvement.

In other KOP news, Nordstrom is pretty much doing anything they can to make sure you do your holiday shopping at their store. And to be honest, these super-convenient conveniences just might lure this shopper in. Behold: You can buy select goods online, but pick them up in the store; you’ll get a complimentary silver gift box and bow with every purchase through December 5th, and when you stop in the store, you can tell them where you want the gifts shipped — you’ll have to pay for it, but they’ll wrap it all up for you. As if we needed another reason to visit the shoe department.

For all you Moleskine addicts out there — you know, those compact, durable, stylish journals that fit in your purse — they’ve just released a Philly edition available at Foster’s. Basically it’s got everything you need for your on-the-go life (blank journal pages, reference indexes, contact info spaces and even tracing paper), plus a survival guide to Philly with airport and taxi numbers, street maps and a fold out SEPTA transit map. As if that will make the buses come on time. Sigh.

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