Web Original: Top 5 Halloween Decorations

Halloween décor need not include those ubiquitous glow-in-the-dark hanging skeletons and horrifying mummies that howl as you walk by. Home accessories that revolve around ghosts and goblins can actually be, well, chic. I’ve scouted out some of the best, refreshingly understated ghoulish décor, so your home doesn’t look like it’s been haunted by the ghosts of bad taste. Read on for my five fave Halloween decorations.

1. Skull and crossbones votives
The sparkly silvery glitter of the skull and crossbones keeps these moody black votive candle holders from being too goth. $19 each at Pottery Barn.

2. Glass pumpkin jar
You weren’t just going to dish out treats from that plastic pumpkin bowl, were you? $8.95 at Crate & Barrel.

3. Skull taper candles
Buy them in black, put them in either fancy silver or (for over-the-top eighties-esque glamour) glossy gold candleholders, dim the lights, and host a stylishly spooky Halloween dinner party. $7.19 for two at Target.

4. Pumpkin carving kit
You can’t beat the traditional jack-o-lantern. A pile of artfully carved pumpkins by the front door gives instant Halloween style. Invest in Martha Stewart’s kit (complete with carving tools and patterns) for the best ones on the block. (Tip: For glammed-up gourds, spraypaint silver or gold after carving!) $12.50 at Macy’s.

5. Spider lantern
The teeny tea light included with this lantern admittedly doesn’t give off much light, but that’s just the ominous feel you’re going for. $6.47 at Papyrus.