Good Life: The Mix: Trend: Movie Night

Delaware resident Scott Oglum founded his Theater Xtreme store long before the economy turned sour, but the concept is so right now: He makes tricking out your den with professional movie-watching hardware affordable. Here, Oglum recommends his favorite new toys to redefine “family night” and, possibly, add some value to your home — all for under a thousand dollars. Pass the remote!

The Projector
Features on the $999 Mitsubishi HC1600 projector were on $5,000 models a few years ago. It’s hi-def, bright, sturdy and small, transforming anything coming from a cable box, a DVD player or even a video game system into a crisp big-screen picture.

The Screen
DIY-ers can save some cash by using Goo Screen, a kit that comes with a high-quality liquid acrylic you use to literally paint a screen (up to 120 inches) right onto your wall for under $250.

The Sound
Denon’s AVR-1609 receiver automatically balances all other speakers (and keeps those deafening commercials at a normal volume), plugs into your iPod, and is only $350. Bose’s Acoustimass 6 Series III speaker system keeps the sound sharp with five cube speakers for $699.

All products available at Theater Xtreme. A new Moorestown Mall location opens this winter.