Web Original: Top 5 Phillies Buys

I’m not a huge sports fan. I don’t own any T-shirts with team logos, I never read the sports section in the paper, and I can’t quite grasp the whole American League/National League breakdown. But that doesn’t mean I’m not wildly excited about our Phillies making it to the World Series for the first time since flannel-shirt grunge was in. So, in honor of our National League Champions, here are five fab ways to show your love.

1. For the die-hard
If your significant other is anything like mine, you’ve heard of Fatheads, those life-size vinyl wall decals of sports players. If you can’t be at the ballpark, peel and place Ryan Howard’s incredibly lifelike decal or the just-released Chase Utley version on a wall to get that (semi-weird) feeling that they’re right in the room with you. (Note to gals like me, who don’t exactly relish the idea of having a huge sports sticker hanging in the living room: The decals are reusable, so you can stick ’em up for game time, and take ’em down for
your fancy dinner party. Plus, the low-tack adhesive won’t ruin your walls.) From $89.95 at fathead.com.

2. For the girly-girl

You prefer sipping wine to guzzling beer in parking lot tailgates. And while you love the Phils, you’re not such a fan of their red and blue color scheme (really, who looks good in that color combo?). Sport this cotton-candy pink tee instead — it’s super-soft, unlike those scratchy tees hawked on the street, the embroidered logo is sweet and subtle, and the soft color is endlessly flattering. $29.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods, multiple locations

3. For the collector
Forget framed works on canvas. Local artist Emily Wolfson uses baseballs as the medium for her mini-masterpieces. Her hand-painted baseballs feature detailed designs including Citizens Bank Park or the old-school Phillies’ home, Connie Mack Stadium . They’re a kitschy-cool way to commemorate our home team and, at less than $15 a pop, they make perfectly thoughtful gifts. $14.95 at unforgettaballs.com.

4. For the traditionalist

Hoodies with sports logos on them are, by nature, sort of hideous. But the rich maroon of this Mitchell & Ness fleece zip-up and the throwback Phillies logo give it cute vintage flair. $100 at Mitchell & Ness.

5. For the eco-friendly
This cheery grocery tote, screen-printed with the team logo, lets you load up your game-day treats in earth-friendly style. And you get five bags for $19.99, which will surely take you through to next year’s post-season. shoplmb.com.