Web Original: Top 5 Fall-Themed Spa Treatments

Cold weather means dry, splotchy skin and unmaintained pedicures. (We get your logic — why keep tootsies in sandal-ready shape when they’re just going to be cooped up in boots?) For me, it also means less time spent relaxing on warm beaches, and more hours clocked in front of the computer, which leaves my manis in a persistent (and very unattractive) state of chippage, and my shoulders in knots. Luckily, spas have started rolling out their fall-perfect treatments (just in time for Spa Week, which begins October 13th), to get you soaked, smoothed, soothed and ready to take on the — eek! — holidays. Here’s how and where I’m planning to get my pamper on this fall.

1. Pierre & Carlo’s Pumpkin Pedicure
Sure, you could get an ordinary pedicure. But why would you want to when you can get Pierre & Carlo’s pumpkin version? Sip yummy hot apple cider while your feet are soaked with vanilla salts, polished with pumpkin-based exfoliant (psst: pumpkin is rich in beta kerotine, so it’s great for renewing tired skin), smoothed with vanilla-scented body mousse, and polished with your favorite hue (I recommend a deep, bold purple). It’s 60 minutes of pure pumpkin bliss. ($65)

2. Toppers’ Cranberry Massage
The bummer about massages is that they inevitably end. I can’t say that the cranberry treatment at Topper’s solves this rub-down downside — after their 50-minute full-body massage with cranberry-based aromatherapy oil, you won’t want to leave the table. But — and here’s what sets them apart — they send you packing with a small bottle of cranberry oil for you to bring home. Pour a small amount in your bath water and, voila, instant spa. ($115)

3. Verde Salon’s Cranberry Pomegranate Body Scrub
Cold weather saps your skin’s moisture, leaving it dry, rough and not kissably soft. I’m getting mine mistletoe-ready at this Collingswood salon, with this deliciously decadent one-hour treatment. First, they give your skin a thorough scrub-down with gentle exfoliators, and then they massage your bod with sweet-smelling cranberry and pomegranate creams. After that, you’re swaddled in warm towels so all the moisturizing, nourishing goodness can soak into your skin. You’ll leave with silky-smooth, utterly smoochable skin. ($85)

4. 3000BC’s Red Tea Infusion Facial
I could tell you I love 3000BC’s aromatic facial for the science behind it: Red Tea (or African Rooibos) has super-powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties (bye-bye, puffy skin!), and is packed with vitamin C, potassium and good-for-the-skin alpha-hydroxy acid. But all you really need to know is that afterwards—whether it’s because of science or just the way the esthetician expertly massages your skin, neck and shoulders — your skin just glows. ($100)

5. Fantagio’s Pumpkin Peel and Facial – $105 (5 treatments – $450)
A mask of whipped pumpkin, honey, pineapple extract and green tea gently gets rid of impurities, sloughs off dead skin cells, and takes your skin from rough and ruddy to soft and luminous. This peel is proof that pumpkins are good for way more than jack-o-lanterns. ($105) 10 Ellis Street, Haddonfield, 856-354-5000, fantagiospa.com