Web Original: Critic’s Notebook: Feed Your Brain

A foodie’s work is never done. Those who follow culinary news might read half a dozen food magazines, all the major papers’ weekly food sections and the endless number of food blogs updated daily. It’s enough to make my eyes tired.

But, I’ve recently discovered a new way — eyestrain-free — to take in even more food news. I can do it while I run errands, ride the subway or walk on the treadmill. National Public Radio’s website has nine, easily download-able food podcasts. Unfortunately, Philly’s “A Chef’s Table” isn’t on the list, but you can get “Food for Thought” and “Kitchen Window”—two of my other favorite broadcasts. Also available is something called simply “NPR: Food.” It’s a highlight reel of food-related reporting across various programs. It might include a funny piece on doughnut memories inspired by The Simpsons, or a serious report on looming beef shortages around the world. Check them out to build your foodie cred.