Critic’s Notebook: Sour Power

You’ve heard me sing the praises of Pinkberry—the California-based frozen
yogurt chain that changed the way we think about the cold stuff with its
signature tart (not sweet) flavor. Almost since its inception, Pinkberry imitators have sprung up everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except Philadelphia. But now, with recently opened Phileo, South Street boasts its own Pinkberry knock-off.

Phileo’s 16 flavors and self-serve setup are smart twists that make a good thing even better. I advise eschewing the chocolate and candy-flavored yogurts in favor of the Asian-inspired ones like taro, green tea, and, of course, the original tart flavor. Ditto for the dozens of topping: There’s candy and cereal aplenty, but stick to the chewy mochi beads and the sweet, red bean paste. Now that’s some swirly goodness.