Web Original: New Threads and Oms

Center City just got another reliable spot for threading

Center City just got another reliable spot for threading: Anju Threads, which is on 10th between Spruce and Locust. By our count, it’s only the third place in the city that offers the less-invasive-than-waxing service.

There’s two new yoga studios to check out. Yoga Sutra has been gaining quite a following — it’s above Banana Republic (and most notably was protested by union guys early in the summer … how un-zen). Our yoga expert on staff loves it because there is lots of space (“very un-Philly” she says) — over 6,000 feet and three studios of space, to be exact.

Michael Salove realty company has announced that Dhyana Yoga will open its third location at the Hub on Chestnut (Distrito; Jean Madeline) in the fall. It’s got 3,000 square feet of practicing space, and just might make that building our favorite place to tone up, freshen up, then dine out.