Web Original: What to Drink This Weekend

Marnie Old recommends a light off-dry wine that pairs well with spicy-sweet cuisine.

Off-dry wines get a bad rap. People assume that a hint of sweetness is a sign of low quality. Most cheapo wines may be sweet, it’s true, but a little sugar does not compromise quality, as long as the wine has enough acidity to balance its sweetness, as with this fragrant blend from Rosemount Estate in Australia ($10.99).

Roughly two-thirds Traminer (a.k.a. Gewürztraminer) to one-third Riesling, this light-bodied white features impeccably fresh fruit aromas like granny smith apple, white peach and lychee. The seductive floral character, reminiscent of honeysuckle and mimosa, adds layers of aromatic complexity. Low in alcohol and high in sweetness, this wine is a perfect sunny August afternoon party wine. These same qualities pair well with spicy-sweet cuisine; it’s hard to find a better partner for Southeast Asian specialties, like shrimp pad Thai or Vietnamese spring rolls.


Traminer/Riesling Rosemount Estate
2007 South Australia