Ticket Alert: Lots of Weed & Hooters

Just announced at the Borgata: Break out the stash! Loveable ’70s weedheads Cheech & Chong will do their thing on December 13th. Keep in mind that the Chong half has become decidedly more political of late, so expect silliness, yes, but not complete and utter silliness (if you really want to hear him pontificate, he’s speaking at the Free Library next Thursday). And if you think that the local police aren’t going to have a DUI checkpoint on your way out, you’ve been hitting the pipe a little too much. Tickets are $60 and go on sale this Friday at 4:20 p.m. If you don’t get the significance of the time, this show may not be for you.

And local heroes The Hooters, who continue to be far more popular in Germany than anywhere other than maybe Philadelphia, which should maybe tell us something we don’t want to hear, will bring the summer Shore concert season to a pleasant close on August 30th. Tickets are $39.50 and are on sale now.

Update: Cheech & Chong are also playing the Tower Theater on Friday, September 12th, presented by WMMR’s Preston & Steve. Tickets are $39.50 to $59.50 and will also go on sale this Friday at 4:20.