Good Life: Debut: Estetiks

A shoe boutique in Doylestown focuses on limited edition sneakers.

Lifetime Doylestown resident Shael Fisher owns more than 250 pairs of sneakers, many still in their original boxes, dating back to ’87. But these aren’t just any ol’ tennis shoes — they’re a collection of limited editions, originals and throwbacks that give him the well-deserved epithet (and accompanying cult status) of sneakerhead. Last spring he turned his passion into a business with the opening of sneaker boutique Estetiks, where a rotating stock of Nikes (with nicknames like “Old Spice”), special-release Vans and these Bathing Ape Japanese kicks ($220) are not only statement-making fashion accessories, but mini works of art. And sometimes, chuckle-worthy reminders of fashion fads of the past: reissues of the neon Nikes that Agassi made famous in his long-hair days, Air Max Tailwinds from ’92, and the original Air Jordans. 5 South Main Street, Doylestown, 215-348-5457,