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The Next Mayor

The Next Mayor website is proof that dinosaur media outlets, given a little leadership and resources, don’t always mess things up. A joint effort by the Daily News, WHYY and the Committee of Seventy, the easy-to-navigate website offers comprehensive coverage of those who are hoping to become, no surprise, the next mayor. There’s all the stuff you’d expect: links to DN and ’HYY stories about campaign issues, profiles of candidates, a campaign blog. But there are also video clips of Committee of Seventy chief Zack Stalberg jawing about the candidates, a cool section on “lessons from other cities,” and interviews with regular people talking about the issues they think are important. This month, the site will expand its offerings, but with its mix of up-to-date news and issue primers, The Next Mayor has already managed a neat trick, creating a place where local political junkies can get a fix and the rest of us can get a clue. GRADE: A