Pulse: Chatter: Brooke de la Villanova: High Society: July 2008

Real estate may be in the doldrums (Edgar is still trying to unload our condo in West Palm), but it feels like everyone’s moving. The Main Line intelligentsia is buzzing that Wil and Catherine Rappaport have been house-hunting in Laguna Beach, and Sheryl and Michael Pouls (of Baldwin School tussle fame) are rumored to be looking for ­buyers for their Gladwyne digs and their pad in Longport, for a California relo. … Speaking of Longport, poor Hilarie and Mitch ­Morgan. An off-season visit to their hacienda there turned up a most uninvited houseguest: a squatter! Poor Hilarie is said to have been so “skeeved” (as our Maine would say), she doesn’t even want to return. And I thought it was bad when Edgar’s mother visits. … Finally, what scion of a filthy-rich local patriarch just bought his estranged wife a new manse in Bryn Mawr as part of their pending divorce settlement? She’s hardly lonely in that big house — reports are she’s already cozy with a local billionaire. Proof that when it comes to alimony, dumplings, that band in the ’70s was right: Love hurts.