Pulse: Beach Blanket Reading

What the chick on the next towel over will be engrossed in this summer

Holly Peterson’s The Manny (Bantam Dell; $25) explores what happens when a Park Avenue single mom hires a hunk to look after the kids. Care to guess? … Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin, the girls who brought you The Nanny Diaries, are back with Dedication (Atria; $24), about a woman who returns to her small town to get answers from the gigolo-turned-rock-star who jilted her in high school. … In Jane Green’s Second Chance (Viking; $24.95), a group of friends reunites after one of their old crowd dies in an accident. … And Carrie Karasyov spins the sexy tale of a group of particularly desperate housewives who agree to have affairs — and then compare notes — in The Infidelity Pact (Broadway; $22.95).