Pulse: Snapshot: Domestic Violets

What: Some of the 50-plus African violets in the African Violets Society of Philadelphia exhibit, “Violet’s Tea Room,” at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Where these buds are from: The personal collection of Judith Smith, an AVS member. Why some of these violets are actually, well, green: Hybridizing, baby. In fact, these varieties have names like Irish Flirt and Irish Mint — the better to fit with the Flower Show’s theme this year, “Legends of Ireland.” How these plants stay clean: Showering. “Plants very much appreciate a little shower bath every now and then. I’ll rinse them in the shower with a soapy-water solution — it really keeps the leaves clean,” says Smith. But soap is all you’ll smell, because while these flowers look pretty, they have absolutely no scent. See page 36 for more Flower Show details.