Taste: Cookbook: Young & Hungry

His first cooking experience was a disaster, he never went to culinary school, and he never trained in a restaurant, but Philadelphia-born David Lieberman has published a cookbook, and has a series on the Food Network, Good Deal with Dave Lieberman, set to debut April 16th. Lieberman, 25, became a self-taught New Haven version of Jamie Oliver when he produced a public-access cooking show out of his apartment while at Yale. No doubt it was this celebrity, plus his Ivy League good looks, that got him personal-chef opportunities without the line-cook experience.

His first cookbook, Young & Hungry, due out this month, is divided into user-friendly, mood-­appropriate sections like Lazy Mornings (ham, red onion and baby pea omelets), and Living Room Tailgate Party (drunken sausages and peppers), each of which provides a complete meal. Lieberman’s goal? To take the fear and fancy out of entertaining and bring it back to the basics: simple, fresh, affordable food. And simple it is; don’t expect dishes you’ve never seen before, or tips that are revolutionary. The book does, however, show Lieberman’s passion for easy entertaining.