Taste: Trend: Are You Chicken?

Chicken liver is the poor man’s foie gras, all of the unctuous, indulgent richness of force-fattened goose liver without the steep price tag — or the animal-rights protests at restaurant doors. More versatile than foie gras, which is most often paired with fruit, chicken livers have become a new chef favorite. 

>> At both Ravenna in Lansdale and Blue Horse Restaurant and Tavern in Blue Bell, chef Shawn Sollberger serves balsamic vinegar-spiked crispy chicken livers with dried cherries and pine nuts.

>> Center City’s Friday Saturday Sunday prepares a pâté maison with chicken livers and brandy, served with crisp French bread.

>> New West Philly BYOB Marigold plates warm, crisp chicken liver ­croquettes with grapes, almonds, and a curried mayonnaise.

>> French chef Gilles Moret offers a tapas-sized portion of cumin-scented chicken liver mousse at his BYOB, Mimosa, in East Goshen.

>> At Victor Café in South Philly, chicken livers are an ­essential ­ingredient in the standard ­spaghetti Caruso, spaghetti and seared chicken livers with a marsala wine sauce.