Pulse: Style: Santa’s Helpers

Four Philly style icons weigh in on their naughtiest and nicest holiday traditions

Josephine Sasso
owner, Josephine Sasso

What are you giving your husband this year?
I’m going to have his genealogy traced and certified by a genealogist.

What’s the best gift he’s ever given you?
A peridot ring by Jacob the Jeweler.

What are you giving friends this year?
Gift baskets with a Lucite desk set—a tape dispenser, a stapler, a freestanding clip that holds papers, and two different organizers. It’s my own creation that I sell in my store.

Have you ever re-gifted?
Oh no, I’ve never done that!

Perfect stocking stuffers?
For children, I love Droste apples and oranges, because they remind me of my childhood Christmases. And it’s always fun to get jewelry, or maybe an engraved silver frame.

Josephine Sasso, 37 Coulter Avenue, Ardmore, 610-658-9022; josephinesasso.com.

Dhani Jones
Eagles linebacker and bow-tie designer

What are you giving your family this year?
Letters—personal reflections. I think words stick longer than presents.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given?
My mom gave me a plane ticket to Spain. I love plane tickets. The better the seat and the farther away a ticket allows me to go, the happier I am.

What’s one childhood holiday tradition you still carry out?
At midnight on New Year’s Eve, my grandfather makes me put all the money I can hold in my hand and hold it outside the front door. It’s supposed to make sure you have enough money in the coming year.

Perfect stocking stuffers?
Dollar store stuff is great. Or cuff links from Tiffany’s. For a girlfriend, get some small piece of lingerie and tuck it down in the toe of the stocking. It’s gotta be that small.

Dhani Jones Five Star Ties; dhani55.com.

Kelly Monk-Reed
co-owner, Kellijane

What are you giving your mom this year?
A faux fur throw by ­Zoeppritz for her new condo.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever been given?
Four days at a friend’s house in Nantucket. It had four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a wine cellar, a workout room, a steam room and a sauna. And a masseuse.

What’s the one thing you give that recipients are always psyched about?
Bedding. My sister loves white, my sister-in-law loves neutrals, my mom loves pastels, so I try to find bedding that matches them.

Perfect stocking stuffers?
To get, I Coloniali lotion from Scarlett Alley. To give, dark chocolate from Miel Patisserie.

Kellijane, 1721 Spruce Street, 215-790-0233; kellijane.com.

Laurentius Purnama
celebrity hair stylist

What are you giving your sister this year?
An iPod Nano and a pair of True Religion jeans.

What’s one of the best gifts you’ve ever given?
One of my friends loved the way I did Britney Spears’s hair for one of her videos, so I put Great Lengths hair extensions in her hair so she could have Britney’s sexy look. too.

Have you ever re-gifted?
Yes. It was a 2001 Gucci man purse. I sent it to my sister in Indonesia, and she couldn’t take her eyes off it!

Best thing to leave Santa on Christmas Eve?
Beluga caviar and a shot of Jewel of Russia vodka.

Perfect stocking stuffer?
Easy — a trip for two to Capri.

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