Best of Philly 2005: Tech Support

The best places for Wi-Fi, hi-fi and more

Home network setup geeks: Micro Endeavors For about $95 per hour, get your family or small business wirelessly connected to the Internet, and share files across multiple computers. These guys have the expertise for large corporate networks (they do consulting and software development work for Jefferson Health System) but are happy with small private jobs, too (8001 Lansdowne Avenue, Upper Darby; 610-853-3422).

Place to go when the computer eats your homework: Lost your Ph.D. thesis on the mating habits of the American fruit fly? Tech Philly has powerful tools to retrieve data from just about any hard drive (215-203-4542).

Place to go when your computer starts sounding like a ’78 Datsun: Micro Center Their techs, certified by the industry leader in repair accreditation, will quickly get you up and running again (550 East Lancaster Avenue, St. Davids; 610-989-8400).

Unlikely hot spot: Celebrity Limousine and Transportation Services
Celebrity’s town cars feature mobile Wi-Fi, so on your
next trip to New York, you can surf all the way from the Ben Franklin Bridge through the Lincoln Tunnel (610-527-5800).

Unlikely hot-spot creator: City of Philadelphia John Street’s plan to make this the first major city in America with a city-wide Wi-Fi network is proof that “Philly” and “cutting-edge” can actually be said in the same sentence.

Selection of laptop tote bags: Springboard Media
You want security and style for your PowerBook? Springboard carries the widest choice of styles, with designs from Crumpler, Causari, inCase and Acme Made. Yes, Dells and IBM ThinkPads also fit, no worries (2212 Walnut Street; 215-988-7777).

Digital photo prints: Ritz Camera Little-known fact: The weak link in the digital-image quality chain isn’t usually the photographer or camera, but the print that most places produce. Ritz consistently outputs prints with the most saturated, accurate color around (various locations,

Home entertainment center setup geeks: Hifi House It’s silly to drop big coin on high-end audio/video stuff if you don’t set it up right. Hifi House’s crack installers not only won’t get your wires crossed; they can also set you up with custom cabinetry to make things look as good as they sound (locations in Jenkintown, Broomall and Wilmington, 800-990-HIFI;

Digital Camera Shop: Calumet Photographic
Ignore the latest marketing mumbo jumbo from manufacturers, and talk to the experts here. Calumet offers a well-edited selection of the best point-and-shoots from Canon, Nikon and Olympus (1400 South Columbus Boulevard, 2nd floor; 215-399-2155).

Place to Buy a Flat-Screen TV: Tweeter Tweeter covers the range of flat-screens, from $359 for a ViewSonic 13-inch LCD model to $9,999 for a five-foot Pioneer Elite. In fact, this time next year, Tweeter won’t even carry the old-style picture-tube screens (various locations,

Stereo Shop: David Lewis Audio
One listen to B.B. King on a pair of Sonus Faber speakers driven by a Thor tube amplifier, and live won’t sound live enough anymore. This state-of-the-art shop in the Northeast carries the best selection of super high-end brands (8010 Bustleton Avenue; 215-725-4080).