Pulse: Power: See Slots … Run

South Philly:

What: Slots plus theater, retail, restaurants and a hotel, off Columbus Boulevard.

Who: Vegas-based gaming barons Caesars Entertainment. Local power lawyer Lenny Klehr is on board.

Political Friends: State Senator Vince Fumo is pushing the site.

Odds: Pretty good bet; a solid plan with easy access for out-of-towners and locals.


What: A waterfront slots parlor near Penn Treaty Park, with entertainment.

Who: Ameristar Casinos of Vegas, which has facilities in Missouri, Iowa, Colorado and Mississippi, has an option on land partially owned by State Senator Mike Stack.

Political Friends: House Speaker John Perzel helped put the land deal together.

Odds: The location works, but some gambling experts have questioned Ameristar’s “old-fashioned style” casinos.

East Market Street:

What: Slots, with a parking facility and room for retail and business.

Who: The Girard Estate, which operates Girard College and owns the property, is rumored to be working with Ron Rubin’s PREIT.

Political Friends: Rubin has ties to Governor Ed Rendell.

Odds: Decent. But there’s not much room for expansion here, and some object to the proximity to the Convention Center

Disneyhole: (8th and Market)

What: Slots plus a movie theater and parking (run by the Parking Authority).

Who: The empty lot, currently run by Central Parking, is the subject of an ownership dispute between real estate heavyweights Ron Rubin and Ken Goldenberg.

Political Friends: Rubin’s tight with Rendell; Goldenberg with Mayor Street; Parking Authority is controlled by Perzel.

Odds: Weak. The site is cramped, and the political struggle for control makes a reliable proposal difficult.

Navy Yard:

What: A slots-equipped site at the Navy Yard.

Who: Manny Stamatakis and developer Peter DePaul head a group of businessmen and politicos. The Flyers’ Ed Snider and Nets ex Lewis Katz are said to be involved.

Political Friends: Indicted Street crony Ron White was pushing the deal before he died.

Odds: No dice. The legislation may preclude the site altogether, and the White connection is an unseemly coda.