Pulse: People: How Often Do You Call Your Office When You’re On Vacation?

Kenny Gamble
Philadelphia International Records
“Every day, maybe once a day. I don’t really worry or anything; I call at a normal rate just to check up on everybody.”

Gabe Bevilacqua
Partner, Saul Ewing
“Every morning and every night. I’m never away from my work. I feel insecure about it. I’ve really gotta stay in touch, otherwise I feel like they’re going to forget about me.”

Sharon Pinkenson
Greater Philadelphia Film Office
“Oh geez, constantly …
I use a Treo 650, and I am always, always in touch.”

Lauri Kavulich
Attorney and chair of the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority board
“I usually check in about twice a day. I e-mail and I call. I usually don’t return client phone calls, but I call to make sure everything is up and running.”

Bill Henley
NBC 10 weatherman
“Most of the time, I don’t check the voicemail or the
e-mail. If you check while you’re away, then you miss out on the hours of fun when you come back to work deleting all the Viagra spam you got while you were away.”