Art on the Edge

Go to extremes with the 11th Annual Philadelphia Live Arts Festival and Philly Fringe

Starting tomorrow, some 2,000 artists are expected to entertain, enlighten and baffle 45,000 artsy-fartsy types with 1,200 performances over the next two weeks of everything from poetry slams to puppet parades.  Amid dance, theater, music, cabaret, visual arts, puppetry and poetry, you’ll see and hear global performances by Argentinians, Bulgarians, Cubans, Vietnamese, et al, in addition to — let us not forget — New Yorkers and Philadelphians. Get 25 minutes of flamenco dance from the “Geografía Íntima” performance by Pasión y Arte Flamenco Co. for just $15. Or maybe it’s the “We Are What We Carry: Pocketbook Portraits” exhibit that will resound with you. “Love Lessons from Abu Ghraib” poetry? To each his own!

Check for complete show listings, including free shows and day-by-day schedules. And for those who don’t consider gluttony a sin, a $650 ticket will get you and a guest unlimited access to any show.