Pulse: Chatter: Brooke de la Villanova

Hello, my krimpets! We are still exhausted from the annual Ball on the Square. The stars were out in force: Michael Nutter, Ed Rendell (though typically, the Governor looked like he had just rolled out of bed), Georges Perrier. Of course, all eyes were on Sharon Pinkenson, looking positively delish in chocolate strapless and shaking that signature Glenn Close Fatal Attraction ’do. … Short was the order of the day for many frocks: Kristen Foote, gal pal of real estate honcho John Westrum (he actually picked her dress—and shoes!); Gabrielle Snyder, the willowy fiancée of hunky broker Matthew Canno (they’re eyeing the Navy Yard for their nuptials); and Lynn Shecter, who looked just yummy in a chiffony babydoll. … Sharon’s daughter Rachel Zoe Schlacter is having her wedding reception at the Loews on New Year’s Eve, and already Sharon is just dying, dying, because so many of the body fabulous want to come. What will I wear? … And you can’t mention fabulous bodies without a nod to Angel Milou, the Haverford doyenne (and long-ago ex of Neil Stein) who showed up in a purple number that echoed both Cleopatra and Cher, with matching shoulder-duster earrings. She gave off the aura of Liz Taylor, the John Warner years. … Next year the ball will be in the hands of new co-chairs Alan Sandman and his partner, John Pcsolar, and we can’t wait! (As my Edgar always says, “No one throws a party like the gays.”) … Well, we’ll leave you with this query, darlings: Are restaurateur Audrey Claire and her on-again, off-again beau Jonathan Makar, of SnackBar fame, on again? The pair seemed suitably canoodly when we recently spied them at a Square hot spot.