Style: Kick Stands

IF YOU WANT: A pair that looks as good with jeans as it does with skirts or pants.

CHECK OUT: Puma. We have a crush on the dainty “Contre Lace” (right, $70) and sleek Ferrari-branded dress sneakers, as well as those mixed-material brights we’ve come to expect. 1505 Walnut Street, 215-569-4785;

IF YOU WANT: A pair that’s so this-minute — but not so expensive.

CHECK OUT: Urban Outfitters. Shoppers over age 21 can succeed in Urban’s carefully stocked sneaker department. Try on comfy Nike Sprint Sisters (left, $40) or Varvatos-like Chuck Taylors. It’ll be our little secret — if your 16-year-old doesn’t spill the beans. Multiple locations; see

IF YOU WANT: A pair like the ones you’ve never forgiven your mother for throwing out in ’78.

CHECK OUT: Adidas Originals. The Philly outpost has an edited, boutique-like “lifestyle” collection with hits like the “Chile” (right, $80) as well as old-school favorites like gray cotton “Table Tennis” sneaks and black-and-silver “Beckenbau­er Allrounds.” 436 South Street, 267-514-1952;

IF YOU WANT: A pair like the ones you bought in Italy last year.

CHECK OUT: Neiman Marcus. The obvious choice for très Euro everything; Neiman’s sneakers are no exception. Besides these versatile Pradas (right, $370), they stock hard-to-find Chanel and Gucci. The Plaza at King of Prussia, 610-354-0500;

IF YOU WANT: A pair no one else will have.

CHECK OUT: Ubiq. So hard-to-get does Ubiq play that it wouldn’t even lend us samples for our photo shoot: We had to drop $100 for the new Nike “Dunks” (left) — which may be sold out by the time you read this. Tip: For a bigger selection, hit the Gallery store; for more limited-­edition collections, stick to the one on Walnut Street. Multiple locations; see