Pulse: Eagles Eyed

The Eagles’ 2006 season officially begins on July 20th, when training camp opens at Lehigh. And while it’s too early to judge how rookies and veterans will perform this time around, it’s not too early to rate them in another arena — how their websites compare to one another.

Player: Brian Westbrook
Site: bwestbrook.com
Notes: You’ll find everything from goods (t-shirts) to stats (even fumbles) and training tips. Though the site could use more words from the ’Nova star himself, there is trivia: B-West received write-in votes for Supreme Court justice. Oh, that crazy Arlen Specter. …
Verdict: Bench

Player: Jeremy Bloom
Site: jeremybloom.com
Notes: The website has style to spare, with a barrage of video clips, sound effects, and beefcake snapshots of the skier/wideout. Major demerits for a dearth of Eagles info.
Verdict: Cut

Player: Donovan McNabb
Site: donovanmcnabb.com
Notes: This site — packed with slick graphics and video clips that include his MTV Cribs appearance — is in a league of its own. News archives balance the good with the bad, though there’s too much Mama McNabb for us.
Verdict: Starter

Player: Dhani Jones
Site: dhani55.com
Notes: Props for having the guts to sell “dusty lilac English silk bow ties.” Bio states Jones’s middle name, Makalani, means “skilled in writing” in Polynesian. In his online journals, lines like “An entire of nothing but self control out of control sessions” suggest otherwise.
Verdict: Bench

Player: Darnerien McCants
Site: darnerienmccants.com
Notes: Offers more info than anyone needs to know about the second-year Bird, including journal entries, original music and GQ-ready photos, one titled, “Lean/Look,” in which he’s, yes, both leaning and looking.
Verdict: Starter