The Good Life: The Bright Stuff

PDAs don't stand a chance against these updated classics. I may be just as addicted as the next

I may be just as addicted as the next guy to my gadgets and gizmos and widgets and whizmos, but no technological advance ever serves me as well when it comes to scheduling meetings as a trusty paper-planner does. And the ones I have my eye on this spring come from Smythson of Bond Street's new spring collection.

There's the Capri line, with its diaries, organizers, portfolios and card cases, all in opulent yellow ostrich grain leather. For a more subdued look, there's Smythson's Calfskin or Linen collections. And for the girlie-girl in all of us, there's the hot pink Aruba Cerise series, with zipped folders and five-year diaries.

If only all meetings could be as stylish and smooth as the books in which they're recorded.


From $170;