A.C. Now: Phillips’ Seafood

What Bookbinder’s is to Philly, Phillips’ Seafood is to Maryland. It’s got the lobster tanks, the crab au gratin, the rolling cart of raw oysters, the bibs, the whole nine. What’s more, this spot — wedged between Sonsie and Continental — is The Pier’s least formal eatery, with cloth-less tables and a crab shack vibe. The Phillips family were no dummies when they chose this location for their eighth restaurant: They must have known that Caesars’ players were going to need a no-fuss place to tuck into reliable, familiar seafood like buttery crab bisque, bacon-wrapped scallops, and hearty “Eastern Shore” combos of crab cakes, fried chicken and baked ham.

Phillips' Seafood, The Pier at Caesars; 609-348-2273.