Spirits: Bluecoat Gin

Tasting notes for a new handcrafted gin, distilled in — of all places — Northeast Philly.

What It Is: Bluecoat gin is produced in Northeast Philly at Pennsylvania’s first craft distillery since Prohibition. Handpicked organic botanicals — coriander and mild juniper, among many others — are distilled in a one-of-a-kind, hand-hammered copper-pot still imported from Scotland.

Tasting Notes: Bluecoat dispels preconceived notions of overly pungent Christmas tree-scented gin with its complex nose of sweet and tangy citrus, a floral note, and a whisper of well-balanced juniper. The palate is equally citrus-y, with earthy notes of exotic roots and dried fruit. Perfect mixed with tonic or chilled in a martini. Most similar to a uniquely flavored vodka, but gin lovers will find it intriguing as well.

Available: At Pennsylvania state stores for $24.99 (about the same as Bombay Sapphire), or at restaurants like Tangerine and the Latest Dish.