A.C.’s Best of Philly Restaurant

If ever there was a doubt that casino food has come a long way since the days of the ubiquitous buffet, a visit to Mia is in order. Owner Georges Perrier, the padrone of Philly's Le Bec-Fin, and chef-partner Chris Scarduzio, have finally staked their culinary claim in casino territory.

While Italian-influenced Mia is decidedly less French (and less opulent) than Le Bec, it has everything you'd expect from a Perrier operation: high-quality ingredients, excellent service and the prices to match. The Roman Forum décor is a little on the cheesy side — tall columns, vaulted ceilings, and “outdoor” dining tables in a fake courtyard — but there's nothing cheesy about dishes like N.Y. strip steak with a savory cipollini and potato cake, except perhaps the melt-in-your mouth parmesan-and-mascarpone quenelle on top.

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